Can I Run Fortnite Mobile

January 29, 2020 | By admin | Filed in: Game.

Ever since Epic released Fortnite on mobile devices, player count on iOS is increasing rapidly while Android is lacking behind. This is directly related to two factors. The first and probably the biggest effect is that Epic did not release the playable version of Fortnite on Play Store. Instead, it released it on its own website. The second part of this which not many seem to talk about is what areas of the world Epic Games is targeting.

While its rivalry, PUBG Mobile can be played even on low-end devices, Fortnite Installer requires a quick scan of your device’s specs to see if it is able to handle the game or not. This closes the door for third parties to optimize the game and make it smoother for devices that can’t run the game. 


Whether you want to play Fortnite Mobile on iOS or Android, determining if you can or cannot play is different. On Android, you must install Fortnite Mobile APK from the Epic Games website and run the Fortnite Installer. The application will shortly respond and if your specs can handle the game, it will proceed to install. If not, it will shut down.


iOS users, on the other hand, have much ease. Once you search for the game on App Store, you will see if you’re able to play or not. Currently, Fortnite Mobile can be played comfortably on iPhone 5S and upwards. Although it isn’t easy to play Fortnite on a 4″ device, there are many players whom we’ve seen first hand enjoying their time with Fortnite Mobile on 5S. So the iOS players are at a more advantageous position if they want to play Fortnite Mobile. 

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