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Fortnite mobile finally first launched on iOS devices, anticipation for the mobile release was huge as Epic Games grossed more than $20 million in its first launch week alone. Though it is a freetoplay game, Epic completely relies on microtransactions, these microtransactions include cosmetic items such as skins, emotes, pre-released games etc. It’s all for the looks, these purchases have no impact on the player’s performance in-game.

It’s currently available in all platforms known to mankind, XBOXPCPS4Nintendo SwitchAndroid and iOS. Also, players can crossplay between the platforms. For example, a PS4 player can be matched with a XBOX One player. The same goes for Switch players matching with XBOX or iOS. This cross-play feature makes the game more competitive and fun since it reaches higher amounts of players all the time combining that has a similar playstyle.

You can download Fortnite from the links down below.






Nintendo Switch

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