Fortnite Turbo Build Changes Mobile

January 29, 2020 | By admin | Filed in: Game.

Fortnite is notoriously known for its building mechanics. Since no other Battle Royale title had something like this let alone a shooter, it got the attention of many players across the world and played a major role in the 250 million registered player milestone. However, when it comes to Fortnite Mobile tho, the building can be challenging since you have to press, swipe and tap. The latest Fortnite patch update, v10.20 introduced a new change, making some significant changes to the current turbo builder timer.

Why are there changes?

The first change to turbo builder time happened way back in Season 4 where the time between Turbo builder placements lowered from 0.15 seconds to 0.5 seconds for faster gameplay. The main reason why Epic wanted to make a change after over a year is to help players who are playing the game with high ping and reduce the advantages of it for the low ping players who have better control in the game overall.

Other reasons for the changes include

  • Increase the building piece accuracy
  • Prevent scam building
  • Turtling mostly disproportionately favors the defender

On top of all the changes, Epic is planning to make further changes to Turbo Build and as always, this is a test to see how things play out in all platforms, not just mobile but we know that the one that is most affected by the changes is going to be mobile. For more updates and news regarding this kind of updates, stay tuned in!

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