World Cup Solo Standings

January 29, 2020 | By admin | Filed in: Game.

The biggest e-sports event has been the Fortnite World Cup and it is going to be this way for rest of the year even though other major titles’ e-sports tournaments are coming such as League of Legends, CS: GO, Dota2, etc. Fortnite’s huge difference comes into play with the prize pool that Epic Games put aside for the entire tournament which is a heart-pounding $100 million and $30 million of that was given out to the winners in the three-day period between July 26 and 28. It is by far the most amount of money given for an e-sports organization.

Fortnite World Cup’s most hyped part was obviously the solos where the best Fortnite player was determined and the winner was the 16-year old Kyle’Bugha‘Giersdorf. Sentinels players took home the cup and the sweet $3 million from his winnings. He took a huge lead by taking most of the eliminations and Victory Royale in the first game, placing him in the first spot with 19 points. Although he got eliminated early on in the second game, he made his return in the third game, still getting most of the eliminations and securing his spot in the first spot. What’s more even interesting is that he won the tournament with 59 points while Psalm in the second place got only 33 points. The huge gap shows that Bugha is definitely the best Fortnite player in the world. 

Here are the Fortnite World Cup Solo standings.


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